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"3146" Run time error ODBC, Failed to call

Hi, This is Jay Choi from Korea. I'm working for HP and singed-in as HP employee in Microsoft. System : CSI, isoPKG Suite - saving and LnD program Issue : When I tried to exit after filled with content what I tried to upload, This error (Attached) keep coming and can not save. However, This error happened suddenly. I well saved but an hour later it suddenly shows up. Could you please help me to fix this ? *I tried under solution (uninstall and reinstall) but didn't fixed. (I asked to other person in our team) That error is usually associated with ODBC driver installs. Your issue might be the same as one that caused at least two users to uninstall and reinstall the ODBC driver. Please try that. Instructions on how to uninstall at the ODBC driver are in red at the top of the wiki: ![79965-odbc-error.jpg][1] [1]: /answers/storage/attachments/79965-odbc-error.jpg

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