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Python Client on a WCF local service

Hello, my name is Andrea Gorreri.

I recentrly created a WCF service in localhost (using a WCF Service LIbrary) which takes in input from a Client two int values and returns their sum after the service has done it. If I create a Client in C# using an App console (.NET Framework) everything works fine, but now I'd like to try to call the same service from a client created in Python.

I decided to use zeep library to create the client and then I tried to connect my client to the same service using its address. My client succesfully connects to the service, but when I try to send the method "Add(int n1, int n2)" created in the service my python client doesn't recognizes it and returns that there is no "Add()" Method.

Do you have any ideas of how can I use my Python Clients to work with C# service hosted on my PC?

Thank ypu very much

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