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how to import a custom MP which monitors registry value?

how to import a custom MP which detects a registry value? This custom MP is from a SCOM 2012 and we want to import it into a SCOM 2019. What steps do we need to do other than browse and import the MP on the hard drive? The original monitor is an aggregate rollup. RegsitryQuery>Entity Health (aggregate rollup)>Configuration (aggregate rollup) > RegistryValue - crashonauditfail (REGValueCrashOnAuditCheck.UnitMonitor)-not inherited - enabled by default. The other aggregate rollups (Availability, Performance, Security) are not configured. Please provide detailed steps? thanks

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@DavidKim-4125 , Based as I know, most of SCOM Management Packs that worked with SCOM 2012 R2 work right through to SCOM 2019, so we are safe to import them into our new Management Group. However, we always recommend checking compatibility with the vendor/author of the Management Pack before importing into our new group.

There are two types of MP, sealed MP and unsealed MP. A sealed management pack is a binary file that cannot be edited. An unsealed management pack is an XML file that can be edited.
Usually, custom MPs are unsealed. And can export and import via hard disk directly. Could you let us know if we get any error when importing the MP?

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@DavidKim-4125 , Hope things are going well.. I am writing to see if there's anything else we can help. If yes, feel free to let us know.

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