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Dear Azure Experts,

I am new to Azure and exploring if cloud adoption can really benefit my organization in terms of cost. I am describing my use-case at a very high level here. Mainly i need VM (Linux) and big storage in cloud and i will install my application and manage myself. Could you please suggest how my cloud infra should look like and what would be the annual cost projection ?

  1. Upload 1.5 TB binary data from my on-premise server to cloud storage (Preferably SSD) on daily basis.
  2. I need 24 core CPU to process recently uploaded 1.5 TB of data for 12 hours.
  3. I need 8 core CPU up 24*7 available for some analytics (on-demand usages)
  4. Around 500G of memory (only when i need extensive processing).
  5. Processed data (from Stage-2) will be roughly around 1 TB. I would prefer to store this data in low cost storage that can offer at least 300MB/sec read throughput. I would like to keep here 3 months of data.
  6. Data (from Stage-5) older than 3 months can be moved to very cheap storage but should be accessible from VM (Linux). Would like to understand what would be the read performance for such storage ? Would like to keep here 1 year of data.
  7. Data older than 1 year can be moved to most cheapest storage where i don't worry about read performance because i rarely need this data. However, i would still like to know the read performance.
  8. I am happy to commit storage for at least 3 years.
  9. I may extract 500G of data every day from cloud to my local premise (in form of various reports).



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Azure Storage Explorer
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Azure Virtual Machines
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    Support for billing and subscription management issues is included with your Microsoft Azure subscription at no additional charge.
    I suggest you contact them over here:

    Or create a support ticket:
    How to create a support ticket for Azure billing and subscription issues

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    Please refer to pricing calculator for cost projection.

    Or refer to "Help + Support" option from Azure Portal.


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    @RakeshKumarTiwary As @Leon informed Azure Billing and Subscription team would be the best to provide more insight and guidance on this scenario: it's free, and it's the best choice for you.

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