Store SQL server database or table on Google drive or SharePoint?

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I'm using SQL server and want to create a new database to house some really big data. a few million rows of data and it's way too big to put in a flat file or load into Excel because I have to update it all the time and it just takes 20 to 30 minutes to change anything

I'm considering using Microsoft SQL server since our company has that. But I want the database or the table to be stored in Google drive so that if I'm out on vacation or if I ever leave the company, someone else can just pick up where I left off and continue editing the database table

Any ideas how this would be possible? To store a database or table in a shared network drive?

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  1. Erland Sommarskog 72,416 Reputation points MVP

    You cannot put the database directly on Google drive - the database must be on a disk directly attached machine SQL Server runs on.

    The normal procedure in a company is that you have one or more central servers that many users have access to, so you can easily share your database that way. Or you could have the database in a cloud service that your company uses.

    Talk to your IT guys for more details.

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  1. Trevor Seward 11,511 Reputation points MVP

    This wouldn't be an appropriate use of either technology. You need a database of some form, be it SQL Server (Azure SQL, Azure SQL Managed Instance, MS SQL Server) or a form of NoSQL, such as an Azure Storage Account or CosmosDb, and so on.

  2. Echo Du_MSFT 16,911 Reputation points

    Hello @Jsx03 ,

    I agree with trevorseward and ErlandSommarskog.

    You can not store SOL databases in Shared Network drive or Google drive.

    Here is an article that may help you.

    Echo Du


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