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Not getting Appname_StoreKey.pfx when building


I am an UWP developer ,started learning recently. I had brought Windows Developer Account 3 weeks ago. As I have seen in Unigram repo , it has an Appname_StoreKey.pfx and an Appname_TemporaryKey.pfx. But when I create an uwp , I am unable to get StoreKey.pfx file even after associating it with store.
How will I be able to do it ?

Thanks in Advance,
Vishvanathan K

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Do you get the Package.StireAssociation.xml after you associate your app with the store? Package.StireAssociation.xml is the key file that generated after you associated your app to the store.

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NO, Not even Appname_Temporarykey.pfx is generated .
When will the Appname_storekey.pfx be generated then ? After submitting the app and getting verified, ah?

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To confirm that I just now created a UWP and associated with a app name with Developer account,
the only addition of a file I saw was Package.StoreAssociation.xml and nothing else.

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