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Sort items within groups of a CollectionView in chronological order

I have an ObservableCollection in which I create groups and insert elements within each group. When you associate yours with a CollectionView, I view the groups in chronological order by Date, while the elements inside are in chronological but increasing order, from the oldest to the most recent and I would like to invert them. I have tried various ways, but without success

 foreach (MyElement hd in MyList.Reverse())
     MyGroup  group = new MyGroup("Name", new ObservableCollection<MyElement>());
          if (!MyCollection.Contains(group))

Using MyList.Reverse () in the foreach loop, start inserting the elements from the oldest to the most recent, and in fact the groups are sorted like this, while the elements inside it are backwards

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You can use System.Linq to achieve the sort by chronological order with List<Contact> newSort= Contacts.OrderByDescending(x => x.CreateTime).ToList<Contact>();

public ObservableCollection<Contact> Contacts { get; set; }
        public ObservableCollection<Contact> SelectItems { get; set; }
        public MyViewModel()
            Contacts = new ObservableCollection<Contact>();
            SelectItems = new ObservableCollection<Contact>();
            Contacts.Add(new Contact() { Name="contact1", PhoneNumber=12356677, CreateTime=new DateTime(2015,1,6) });
            Contacts.Add(new Contact() { Name = "contact2", PhoneNumber = 12444677, CreateTime = new DateTime(2011, 10, 1) });
            Contacts.Add(new Contact() { Name = "contact3", PhoneNumber = 2366677, CreateTime = new DateTime(2012, 2, 7) });
            Contacts.Add(new Contact() { Name = "contact4", PhoneNumber = 200356677, CreateTime = new DateTime(2014, 12, 6) });
            Contacts.Add(new Contact() { Name = "contact5", PhoneNumber = 1230056677, CreateTime = new DateTime(2021, 1, 6) });
            List<Contact> newSort= Contacts.OrderByDescending(x => x.CreateTime).ToList<Contact>();
            foreach (Contact item in newSort)

My insert sort is disorderly, Here is my running screenshot.


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When I put the items in a simple list, they come to me in chronological order, but if I create groups for each month, and inside all the items created that month, they come inside the group all in reverse, from the oldest to the most recent


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What is type of the Control.ControlDiary? If it is ObservableCollection, you can use Control.ControlDiary.OrderByDescending(x => x.CreateTime).ToList<object>();

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