Error when executing Active Directory activity using MS integration pack

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I am working on creating a new runbook to perform decommission activities.
I have loaded and configured the active directory integration pack from Microsoft. The runbook is pretty simple.
Initialize data > get computer > Delete computer > invoke next runbook
When using the runbook tested it passes when finding the computer but fails with the following error when attempting to perform the delete computer activity
The parent path '' was not found.

Exception: AdParentPathNotFoundException
Target site: LdapComputer.CreateExisting

Stack trace:
at Microsoft.Accelerators.ActiveDirectoryCore.LdapComputer.CreateExisting(ISafeDirectoryFactory factory, DistinguishedName distinguishedName)
at Microsoft.Accelerators.ActiveDirectoryCore.LdapDirectory.CreateExistingComputer(DistinguishedName distinguishedName)
at Microsoft.SystemCenter.IntegrationPack.ActiveDirectory.Execution.DeleteComputerExecutor.CreateExecutionObject(ILdapDirectory ldapDirectory)
at Microsoft.SystemCenter.IntegrationPack.ActiveDirectory.Execution.AExecutor.Execute()
at Microsoft.SystemCenter.IntegrationPack.ActiveDirectory.Execution.ActiveDirectoryProgram.ExecuteProxy(ExecutionProxy proxy)
at Microsoft.SystemCenter.IntegrationPack.ActiveDirectory.AActiveDirectoryActivity.Execute(IActivityRequest request, IActivityResponse response)

It looks like the previous "get computer" activity did not pass any results to the next step or it did not find the object even though it shows as passed. Can anyone point me in the right direction to troubleshoot this?

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  1. Stefan Horz 2,221 Reputation points

    Hi @Justin D ,

    sorry, one sceenshot in my answer was obviously not enough and confusing.
    I configured "Get Computer" like below, Filter with "Common Name:
    I got one result. One Published Data is "Sam Account Name". I showed only because I could get it the success of "Delete Computer" in one screenshot and to show that I got a result. More important for example is Count to see the number of results. The Display Name in your filter is empty in at least the result of my example. With Display Name as filter I won't get a result:

    The "Delete Computer" Activity I filtered like this.

    I would also configure the link condition to trigger "Delete Computer" only if "Get Computer" has a result:



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  1. Stefan Horz 2,221 Reputation points


    here it works:


    Make sure:

    • you described {Distinguished Name from "Get Computer"} in "Delete Computer" Activity.
    • you get at least 1 computer with "Get Computer" Activtiy


  2. Justin D 61 Reputation points

    @Stefan Horz thank you once again for the helpful answer. That did the trick for me. You have also given me some good ideas for handling other items as well!

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