How far it is possible to have interfaces with forms for example and that can be integrated with data-factory?

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Hello, I understand that Data Factory is a service that can help you to communicate between different data sources by extracting, transforming and loading this data from on system to another including Azure cloud database systems. My question here is the following: Currently, we have an access database, this one is split into Access back-end (data) and Access front-end (interfaces: forms, ...). We want to migrate the data from access to another system that offers more benefits like security, performance, scalability, ... So, it would something like SQL Server or SQL Azure. If we use the data-factory service, it will only provide a solution for the data migration, I guess? Does it provide a solution for the Access front-end (interface)? Meaning without being obliged to create code in a new programing language, is there a way with Azure that we can create interfaces, like forms with a drag and drop (almost like Access front-end) and connect those interfaces or forms with the new SQL Server/Azure database, so it gets fed by the interface without a lot of effort creating a code for this? I hope my question is clear, and in case it is not possible that data-factory offers such a front-end solution or an integration with drag-drop services or tools, what would be the suggested solution? Thanks in advance for the response.

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Azure Data Factory
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    Hello @MKS ,

    Thanks for the ask and using the Microsoft Q&A platform .
    You are correct ADF is mostly used for data migration and does not spit out an UI as Access does . I think some of the older software used to do that . I could say you can explore entity frame ( EF ) here and see if that helps . Well it does need some coding for sure .

    Please do let me know how it goes .
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