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MS Teams Graph API is throttling more recently

The following MS Teams Graph API has been throttling since last few days. (The surge has been seen since 23rd March)

POST /teams/{team-id}/channels/{channel-id}/tabs

Moreover, the following error has been seen very frequently on 23rd March 2021.

Missing critical details for CosmosDB endpoint

(Note: Application token is used for the API)

I am unsure if both of these issues are corelated. However, the same observation/pattern has been observed across multiple tenants.

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Please share the detailed Graph error response logs that you receive (along with timestamp, requestid) for analysis

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Hi @IvanMaria-3338,
Could you please let us know the status on @Deva asked logs for error response.

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Unfortunately, I do not have the complete error log message as our application only logged the error message.

The error message regarding CosmosDB, "Missing critical details for CosmosDB endpoint" was only observed on 23rd March and I was unable to reproduce it later.

The error message regarding throttling, "Too many requests from Identifier:9155ce04-4eae-42ae-905e-ac219c282f72+c47c40f9-378d-4321-a333-ac018b8eecb2 under category:throttle.teams.ags.api_complex_level_10.tenant_normal.app_normal.operation_write. Please try again later."

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Hi @IvanMaria-3338,

Could you please check the permissions and please go through the document and try again also let us know the error status code.

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