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post-build event to set file comment property

When building a project to produce an exe or dll in Release or Debug mode, is there a way to have a post-build event assign a string such as "Debug" or "Release" to the file's Comment property?

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What kind of Comment property do you mean? How do you edit and view such comments manually?

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I don't know how to do it manually. But I think I have found two solutions.
One is a command line tool:
The other other is to use an .rc resource file.
Since my needs are simple, the .rc approach will work for me.
In visual studio I right click the project and Add/Resource.
Select Version from the list of Types, and then edit it to my preferences.
I create two resource entities this way for one project, one for Release and one for Debug.
I right click on those and edit their Properties/Exclude File From Build, to be excluded from the builds that don't apply.
So far this seems to work very nicely.

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