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Issue with uploading .appx in new submission update.

I am uploading new submission using Store API, and I received following error message.

"errors": [
"code": "InvalidParameterValue",
"details": "You don’t have packages that support all of the device families you’ve selected in Device family availability. Upload a package that supports each device family you’ve selected, or uncheck the box for any device families that this submission doesn’t support. Device families: Team, Core"

I went to store website page and removed everything and only kept “Windows 10 Desktop” option enabled in the packages section. After doing that I saw there is yet another error message on website that reads as

“A previous submission for this app was released with a Windows 10 .msixbundle or .appxbundle. Subsequent submissions must continue to contain a Windows 10 .msixbundle or .appxbundle.”

Yes, In the first submission I had used “Application Packaging Project”. And this time I have used command line to build package which includes multiple languages as seen in this submission #2 package link.

Question #1 : Why is that in submission #2 I am not allowed to upload .appx file ?
Question #2: Is there a way where you (MSFT) allow me to upload .appx file ?

Reason why I choose manual/command line creation of .appx over Application Packaging Project : When I upload .appx I can see all languages that are supported by my app, example screenshot as below.


But when I choose to create package using Application Packaging Project it does not recognize any of the additional languages then en-US. Reason I don’t know why ? Someone on Forums said that you have to again add all languages into Application Packaging Project too. But I am not sure about this approach , also it would be difficult to manage updates of language files at two places/project.

So what do I do now ? Please Advise.


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@JigneshDesai-5309 Could you please mind sharing more detail about your app's target and min version, and which nugetpackage you have used. Does it work in previous version?

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Target Information as below.

<TargetDeviceFamily Name="Windows.Desktop" MinVersion="10.0.14316.0" MaxVersionTested="10.0.14316.0" />

Nugetpackages, I am not sure how its related to issue i am facing, but here is the screenshot of the same.



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An update form my side.

I tried to manually add languages in Application Packaging Project's Package.appxmanifest file.
<Resource Language="ar" />
<Resource Language="ar-AE" />
<Resource Language="ar-BH" />

and so on . Yet when i unpack MyAppPackage_1.0.4.0_AnyCPU.msixbundle file , I see that AppxManifest.xml file only has following lines
<Resource Language="EN-US"/>
<Resource uap:Scale="200"/>


Does it mean that even if you explicitly specify <Resources Language> tag , still Application Packaging Project ignores it completely. ?


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The error message shows clearly that you need to upload a .msixbundle or .appxbundle. Please try to package using the Windows Application Packaging Project. If you need support in different languages. you need to configure all the language in your project. If you haven't configured it, it will still show English only even if it shows multiple languages support.

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Hi RoyLi - I think Jignesh gave the error message so gets this limitation. It looks to me like Jingesh is trying to work around this limitation without changes of policy or process on the Digital Store side.

The question I have is "why this limitation of not ingesting an appx after an appxbundle has been successfully ingested by the Digital Store?" It seems like a warning would suffice and then Digital Store ingestion should let the developer do what he/she wants.

What if after uploading an appxbundle you decide you want the ability to include all language resources so the user can select and use any of the languages supported by the app? The appxbundle only supplies the user/purchaser's default language (usually en-US).

Thank you,
Richard Freytag

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