C# xml linq for this kind of file.

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hello all i did get support the other week and been looking into linq as suggested,

and been looking into it now if i am not mistaken this should work

            XDocument xdoc = new XDocument();

            xdoc = XDocument.Load(@"C:\Users\elfen\AppData\Local\PCDJ-DEX3\Database\Database.xml");

            var result = from q in xdoc.Descendants("tracks")
                         select new
                             artist = q.Element("arti").Value,
                             title = q.Element("titl").Value,
                             filename = q.Element("fnam").Value


and xml file....

not sure gone through loads of guides cant see why its not picking these up.

kind regards elfenliedtopfan5

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    Check this code:

    var result = from q in xdoc.Root.Elements( "tracks" ).Elements( "track" )
                    select new
                        artist = q.Attribute( "arti" )?.Value,
                        title = q.Attribute( "titl" )?.Value,
                        filename = q.Attribute( "fnam" )?.Value
    var list = result.ToList( );
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