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How do you setup an intranet on web server?

I would like to set up an intranet for the company. These are the things I know and yet need a little guiding
1) a server computer with windows server software
2) enable the IIS services for hosting the intranet website
3) add the AD services
4) enable the users to view content in the intranet

My doubts are:
1) how to set up an intranet where the users are using the Wi-Fi
2) is it ok to host an intranet on a web server

Thanks in advance

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Hire a network/AD expert as consultant please. It's far too many steps to guide you through the necessary setup. In short, you need a domain controller, a DNS server, and then a web server to host an internal web site while the WIFI router can work as the DHCP server. He/she can also explain to you why saying "host an intranet on a web server" is not accurate,

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