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Domain ownership not working - azure dns resolvers failing

I had a subdomain pointing to an azurewebsite that was working properly. The Subdomain was pointing via cname to the azurewebsite resource and it was working. I deleted the resource and then created the same exact resource in another account. The DNS records are correct as when I browse to my subdomain I get the usual "404 Web Site not found" from azure. I am trying to add the same exact custom domain that was working before and now it isn't. I am looking at the records with "dig @ subdomain" and I am seeing perfectly the cname azure tells me to add, it is there but something isn't working. I don't know if azure DNS resolvers are failing or it is something else (dns resolvers from google and cloudfront shows the cname is there) but I can't add the custom domain even thought the cname is there and the DNS records are perfectly fine. This is happening with multiple azurewebsite resources I am migrating to another azure account. I didn't touch the records so they should be working perfectly and they aren't

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Hi @SimpleUser-7415,

You haven't responded to the private message above, so I wanted to touch basis with you and see if you're still experiencing this issue.


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