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Bot service & Logic App & Approval in order to add IP firewall rule

Dear communities, I need your help to facing up this solution:


I would like to setup a bot service to accept request from my colleagues whenever thier ip address as been changed since by his dynamic nature.

The bot that can recognize natural language should forward the gained ip address to an approval workflow
At that point the request should be approved by the manager and the rule added automtically to the firewall

Is it this solution fasible, can you please point me to example, reference, documents that I can study to build up a prototype. Is it the right channel or I sould write somewere else

King Regards

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Thanks for reaching out to us. I am a little bit confused about workflow and hope we can have more details here.

  1. The main idea is to recognizer "changed IP" and send it to an approval workflow?

  2. What's the use for bot? Is recognition only use for the IP change detection?

I am asking this is I don't think we need a big bot to only recognize the change.


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We are sorry that we have not heard from you. Hope you have solved the problem, please not hesitate to contact us for any issue you have. Thanks for choosing Azure.


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