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Creating Resource Groups in Project Online

Hi all apologies - just starting to look at Project Online and would like to know the following. I can see there is a capacity planning side to Project Online where you can see each resource's utilisation; is it possible to put, for example, three resources/users into a resource team / group called "ICT Training", another three into "ICT Development" so we can effectively have capacity and utilisation summaries for the group as well as the individual? We basically need to see when a group is in high demand or has capacity, rather than just a team. thanks in advance!

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As the tag "office-online-server-general" focus on general questions of OOS, but your issue is more realted to Project Online, which is not supported on Q&A forum.
To better help you, I would suggest you post a new thread on the following forum.
Microsoft Tech Community for Project

Thanks for your understanding.

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