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Outlook for iOS/Android not working on Exchange 2010

Hi All, I've had a problem since mid last week where users can no longer access our Exchange 2010 SP3 servers using Outlook for iOS/Android. Activesync still works with the iOS MAIL app and GMAIL on android. Is this a known issue?

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Exchange 2010 has been ended of support, it's suggested to migrate your server to Exchange 2016/2019/online ASAP.
Follow the guidance of Deployment Assistant to plan your migration:
Does the issue occur with all users or some of them? What changes did you make last week? For Activesync troubleshooting, you can follow these links:
However Activesync still works on Mail app, I suppose you should focus more on the Outlook app, what does it say when failed? Try updating the app to latest version and re-creating the account.

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I am writing here to confirm with you how the thing going now?
If you need further help, please provide more detailed information, so that we can give more appropriate suggestions.

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