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Selective failure pulling container from acr

After a machine reboot on a cloud provider that is not Azure, I have a problem pulling the images.
Kubernetes 1.19.4
Image required through helm, with a secret docker-registry containing:
Mar 29 17:41:53 cluster-host1 dockerd[xxx]: time="2021-03-29T17:41:53.nnn+02:00" level=info msg="Attempting next endpoint for pull after error: Get unauthorized: authentication required, visit for more information."
Mar 29 17:41:53 cluster-host dockerd[xxx]: time="2021-03-29T17:41:53.nnn+02:00" level=error msg="Handler for POST /v1.40/images/create returned error: Get unauthorized: authentication required, visit for more information."

I have tried various actions, including logging with the same user and password from my dev machine on az acr (success), perform a
docker login
on the cluster-host1 (success)

The puzzling thing is that another image pull few seconds apart for another container from the same cluster succeeds!
I fail to understand what is the difference.
We are using access keys with the password directly, and it has been working for months now.
Thanks for any hint. Hubert J.

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anonymous userJ-5865

Thank you for reaching out to us. Happy to help.

If it happened in one instance and after a few seconds, the same operation succeeded then this needs deeper investigation. I would recommend to open a support case, so that a support engineer can troubleshoot with the logs.

However, the other possibility is that the token might be mapped to a repository and requests to that repo is failing (might not be the case; just a assumption)

If you do not have the ability to open a support case, let me know, I can help with that.

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