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Rest API called via Azure Gateway throws Bad Request Error(400)

I have a Rest API which is taking a token as its parameter in the URL. When I Call this end point through Azure gateway, from Postman it is giving a Bad Request (400) error. But if I call the end point directly, its working fine. I checked the No of characters in the URL . Its < 2000 chars. And we are not using Consumption tier. I read in Basic tier we can have 10K chars in the URL ? Is there anything else I am missing here

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Your question is more related with Azure Gateway, I will add the corresponding azure-vpn-gateway tag and remove windows-10-network tag. Thank you!

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@anuradhasatheesh-1129 We apologize for the delay in response in this issue.

Could you confirm if you mean Applicatin Gateway when you mention Azure Gateway?

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