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I have a question that I'm assuming the answer is, "No, you can't," but I want to ask anyways to see if I'm wrong.

At work, part of our processes and security is that we first RDP into Computer A, and from there, we can RDP into Computers B-Z. If I've remoted into Computer B through Computer A, we see two RDP Connection Bars (see sample image below, found online). I know how to change the text in the Connection Bar via the HOSTS file, but since I might need to connect to several computers via RDP through Computer A, it would be very helpful to change the color of the Connection Bar itself. That way, if I've assigned Computer B as red, Computer C as green, Computer D as blue, etc., it's a fast way to check which computer I'm remoted into.

Does anyone know if this is possible at all?

Thanks in advance for reading this (and for any potential suggestions).



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Remote Desktop
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    Thank you for your post Q&A.
    I understand you want to use different colors to distinguish remote machines. But as far as I know, I'm afraid we could change the blue Connection Bar. This is more about a user experience issue than a system issue.
    For the system itself, this is more like the default design of a program. But the developer of the system didn't provide such a feature to change the color.
    It gives only a few features, such as hiding the Connection Bar or changing the background color.
    As you said, you could change the txt in the Connection Bar, I consider this is the way we can quickly identify remote machines.
    I suggest that you could post the feedbcak to remote desktop user voice.
    Hope this helps and please help to accept as Answer if the response is useful.
    Best Regards,

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