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logging response from rest Api using Azure data factory, I need to store the response back like 200 ,401,502

Hi Team,

I need the logging details to be captured for the response from Web API which I'm not getting in the output of copy activity.
Please could you let me know the possibilities as we are stuck in the deployment?

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"statusCode": 201,
"statusCodeReason": "Created",
"externalReferenceNumber": "1598091119",
"responseBody": {
"workOrderUID": "c6be41dd-f591-eb11-b1ac-0022489a1403",
"workOrderName": "1700009426"
"isSuccess": true,
"requestStartedOn": "2021-03-31T07:51:02.4923217+00:00",
"requestCompletedOn": "2021-03-31T07:51:26.2721752+00:00",
"timeTaken": 23780

The above is the response I''m getting from postman which I need to capture this in the adf copyactivity
Help is much appreciated.

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Hello @Josephnaveenkambham-8269 and welcome to Microsoft Q&A.

Is this logging data part of the content-body returned from the APi, or is this generated by a Postman feature?

Anything part of the content-body can be copied.

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@Josephnaveenkambham-8269 are you still facing the issue?

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If you found your own solution, please share it here with the community.

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