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Unable to link Slack to Azure Bot Service bot


I am following this guide ( to connect Slack to my Azure Bot that is already set up for Teams. However when I go to I do not see my bot listed (I only see "smartbot" which is an older bot I had made for testing). My new bot is called "rf-azure-bot" and is listed under Bot Services section of the Azure Portal. (See attached screenshots) I went through this tutorial many times ( to set up a Teams bot and followed the instructions in the README. Any help/guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thank you! 🙂

Edit: Added additional screenshot from Azure Portal --> App Registrations showing both bots listed.




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I am also having this issue and would be forever indebted to the person who solves it.

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As we are mainly responsible for Microsoft Teams, your question is not in our scope. I will remove office-teams-windows-itpro tag. Thanks for your understanding.

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