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Display own icons when using Cloud Filter API

we are developping a sync engine using Cloud Filter API where we'd like to provide the placeholder files with our own icons.
In the Cloud Mirror Sample the icons are selected from shell32.dll but with the comment:

 // This icon is just for the sample. You should provide your own branded icon here

To achieve this we expanded a dll named ClientDriveCfApi.dll with our own icons. This dll is part of the solution (And at least I get our own icons offered in Windows Explorer when choosing this dll in a folder's context menu on Properties -> Customize -> Change Icon...)

To get an icon of our own displayed in our application we altered our code from


that displayed the desired icon from imageres.dll to


for getting our own icon displayed.

But we only get the default icon displayed then.
How can we provide our application with our own branded icon?
Any help would be appreciated.

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But we only get the default icon displayed then. So have you confirmed that the function call is successful? Can you provide more code information or error information to help us determine the problem?

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