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BizTalk and SMB FileShare

Hi All,
Can you please point me to some documentation which lists the compatibility of different BizTalk version and SMB Protocol. I am aware that Windows 2012 + does supports this , but does BizTalk File Adapter supports ??

We recently ran into an issue with NAS Drive which is using SMB V2 and BizTalk 2013 R2 . File adapter was not reading the entire stream and was dropping the data.


BizTalk 2013 R2 --> SMB V?
BizTalk 2016 -->SMB V?
BizTalk 2020 --> SMB V?


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Unfortunately I don't think there is any such documentation, and SMB file shares can be very problematic with BizTalk. I usually avoid the issue by getting them to set up FTP. FTP of course has its own draw back, such as needing to poll and no file locking, requiring use of temporary files or folders at the sending side, but at least that is a know workaround. With SMB I've wasted many hours trying to get it to work without sucess.

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