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How do create the metrics alerts on the unmonitored VM/VMSS by the log analytics workspace?

I want to create metric alert on the vm/vmss that are not monitored by the log analytics workspace. I tried to create the alert but I was not able to add the signal logic for the condition.
Is there any other way to get email notification alert on the unmonitored vm/vmss?
please let me know.

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@ChandurkarVarshaGEHealthcareconsul-6274 Thanks for reaching out. You should be able to create metric alerts even though the azure vm is not connected to log analytics workspace. Can you please share your steps and also snapshot so that I can check and suggest you accordingly ?

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Thanks for Reply.
I am unable to upload the snapshot of the vms. In that snapshot some vms are those which are not monitored by log analytics workspace(showing status "Error") and some of stopped state that we can ignore. I should get an email notification on these vm/vmss list.

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Now able to upload it.
@SwathiDhanwada-MSFT you can refer the same


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snap.png (28.9 KiB)

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