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AML AKS - Failed to Pull Image

We are using a preview future from AKS to stop our cluster with our real-time inference cluster.

From time to time when we start the Cluster we wait to all of the services get ready but some of the pods stay without starting. Today researching about this issue in the logs we saw this error:

Failed to pull image

Some of our models that are deployed to this AKS are created and deployed with AML Designer and endpoint publisher

If i'm not wrong this image is an AML "base" image and it is not ours. I saw all of our suscription container registry and i cannot see a registry with this endpoint or even an image with this ID.

Is this a "public" AML repository? Is this container registry repository available or it has some problem on it?


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Just more info, we re publish de endpoint and the problem dissapear, and the image of the docker contains the exactly same url that it doesn't work before.

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