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I want to use a csv to import multiple licences at once

hello i just created my own script to automate some things. i have just one question that i can't solve: this is my csv: userprincipalname,displayname,password,usagelocation,licenseassignment,sanne,voka545464,be, my command: addpath = "c:\users\rens.sergier\desktop\addusers.csv" import-csv $addpath | foreach { new-msoluser -userprincipalname $.userprincipalname -displayname $.displayname -password $.password -usagelocation $.usagelocation -licenseassignment $_.licenseassignment -forcechangepassword $false} if i do it with 1 licensesku it worked fine but i want to find a way when it is also possible to assign more than 1 licencse to an user. i tried with an array in my csv file but that did not work can anybody help me?

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Tag "office-itpro" focuses on general issues about Office clients. Based on your description, your issue seems to be more related to MATLAB script which is not supported on Q&A forum currently. I will modify the tag. Thanks for your understanding.
If needed, you may post on Office developer community.

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