What are the costs for a virtual Meraki appliance in Azure? Or how are those costs calculated?

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Zachary Hamilton 201 Reputation points


Can anyone tell me what the costs are for a virtual Meraki appliance in Azure? Or how those costs are calculated?

And it's a shame that I can't add a tag for "Meraki" or "Cisco". That's really unbelievable.


Zachary Hamilton

Azure Virtual WAN
Azure Virtual WAN
An Azure virtual networking service that provides optimized and automated branch-to-branch connectivity.
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Azure VPN Gateway
Azure VPN Gateway
An Azure service that enables the connection of on-premises networks to Azure through site-to-site virtual private networks.
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Azure Virtual Network
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  1. answered 2020-06-10T12:49:46.487+00:00
    Malleswara Reddy 1,626 Reputation points


    As Meraki is from a third party(Cisco), you will need to consult their support team.


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  2. answered 2020-06-11T13:34:10.067+00:00
    Rene Løhde 206 Reputation points

    As a "Managed application" for small business scenario, single instance appliance and pure Azure cost - AzureVM, Disk, Nic, traffic and PublicIP (...but no Meraki license): 180 $/month

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