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Tracking prevention blocked access storage storage for

I wrote an excel add-in a while back that has been working for a little over a year, but stopped working the other day when Excel updated. The add-in writes text to localstorage, but I keep getting an error that says:

Tracking Prevention blocked access to storage for
and also

OSF.DDA.ERROR code 7000, permission denied.

It seems that Excel doesn't have access to reading localstorage or sessionstorage. The add-in works fine when using Excel in a browser, but not for the desktop application. I tried changing the settings in Edge to allow javascript, allow pop-ups, and changed Tracking Prevention to the Basic setting so it should allow applications to use the localstorage and sessionstorage.

I came across this stack overflow question from a few years ago and it appeared to be a bug in Excel, but I'm not sure if this is the case this time.

Are there any settings I can change to my machine and clients' machines to allow this add-in to work normally again?

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