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_stat and _utime synchronization

Hi, I'm working on a project regarding time, and I 'm trying to read/write time data from different processes.

I'm thinking of using _stat/_utime to read/write time data, and I was wondering if anyone knew how _Stat and _utime manages synchronization.

_utime sets the modified Time and Access Time for a file, while _stat can get those data.

Could there be a race condition when using these two functions? or, could _stat read data while _utime is writing the data mid way and return corrupted Data?

I couldn't find a way for RWLock for windows between processes (SRWLock seems to be for threads only), and I'm wondering if using _stat and _utime is safe enough.


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While there may be a case where you read the values at the same time as they're being changed by another process, I would expect the operating system to ensure there was never any corruption.

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