Can durable functions be used across multiple function apps?

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Hello all, Thanks in advance

I'm aware of the durable functions documentation

My question is can durable functions be used between multiple function apps? If not what is the best practice for doing a durable function chaining scenario where it spans multiple apps.

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    Functions are designed to have a single Trigger. The Trigger is what activates a function, allowing it begin. However, you can use as many Actions as you would like. The Actions are what the function calls to - such as another function.

    That being said, id you want to use a durable function between function apps, you can call your durable function within your other functions as an Action.

    The resource that you linked [ ] is useful to recognize the different patterns that are applicable.

    However, you might want to look into using HTTP Requests. This flow allows you to use the function and pass specific parameters into another one. I would recommend taking a look at this link in hopes that it will provide the specifics. You want to use the HTTP Requests to activate another script, passing through desired parameters that the new script would need to function. Again, take a loot at the documentation to see some cool things that can be done.

    Hope this helps!

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