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Cannot NAS on local network with name, just ip address

We have three machines peer-peer using Azure to control access to the local network resources.
One of the PCs cannot resolve the name \\NAS but can resolve \{ipaddress}.
All user accounts can connect to the shares using the IP but not the name.
All other PCs resolve \\NAS and can connect by name or IP.
Ping on that PC resolves the name \\NAS to address outside the network.
Flushing DNS and changing DNS servers on this PC does not effect the problem.

Any assistance would be appreciate.

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Thank you for reaching out to Microsoft Q&A. Just to confirm, Are these machines trying to connect to on-premise resources? If so, how is it connected to the on-premise? Please explain more details regarding the source/destination/network diagram/DNS configuration/NSLOOKUP results etc., so we can better understand the setup.

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