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Can I connect Microsoft Outlook 2019 to Azure AD?

We're thinking about migrating to Azure and utilize Azure AD for hosting our logins and MS Office data.

I prefer on-premise applications over web interfaces, hence, I wonder what's necessary to connect MS Outlook 2019 to Azure in order to send/receive e-mails, shared calendars and contacts?

Your answer is very much appreciated.

(Please accept my appologies for this beginner's question. I wasn't able to find corresponding docs by searching.)

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Hi @AxD,

Welcomen to our forum, in order to further confirm your issue, could you please provide us with more information about it?

  1. What's the account that you are working with(Exchange account or others)?

  2. What's the data that you would like to host in azure, whole mailbox data or just the outlook data file(.pst or .ost)?

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Hi @JadeLiang-MSFT,

thank you for taking the time.

I'm currently assisting a startup company that's using an ISP's services. All they have at this time is IMAP for e-mail. And they're using JIRA/Confluence.

I want to migrate them to a comprehensive infrastructure, using domain accounts for their Windows 10x64 machines, e-mails, shared calendars, shared contacts (i.e. Exchange Server features), Azure DevOps, MS Teams, SharePoint etc.

As a start, I need to know what to do in order to create a domain on Azure (i.e. using Azure as their domain controller), migrate their domain name to Azure AD and to get Exchange Server features running in Azure, so we/they can use Outlook 2019 on their machines.

Thank you,

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... anyone?

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Hi @AxD,

Thanks for your reply and sorry for delay, please kinldy understand here we mainly focus on general issue on Outlook desktop client, considering your issue may be more related to organization configuration and mailbox server, in order to resolve it better, if you have a Microsoft 365 subscription, it would be better to create a service request on Microsoft 365 : Ways to contact support for business products - Admin Help.

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Thank you, @JadeLiang-MSFT, for pointing me to the right direction. I appreciate it!

I also asked my question at ServerFault, in case anyone is facing the same challenges.

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