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Azure Migrate : app containerization tool


We are trying to use the below tool for containerization of the JAVA application hosted in the LINUX (UBUNTU 16.04) machine. While discovering the application we are getting the below error. We have checked the permissions of users. (ASP.Net applications hosted in windows just worked fine )

Can you please help to find out the root cause for this issue and help us with further guidance?

Error code CmdExecutionFailed
Possible causes Failed to discover applications. ErrorMessage: Script execution failed with return code 80, machine *
Recommendation Check if the user account has sufficent permissions. The tool requires user account with root privileges for application discovery.

Ashish D.

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Working with anonymous user offline.

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Hi Team,

With respect to my earlier discussion for an issue with the below tool while discovering Java App is sorted out with the use of root user itself. But next challenge is that we are not able to discover Linux-hosted JAVA applications.

We have few war files on the LINUX machine in tomcat 8. The applications are working fine and can be viewed in tomcat and are browsable. After we connect to the LINUX machine in the tool when it starts to discover applications, it mentions "0 Applications are discovered".

Can you please help to find out the root cause for this and provide a resolution?

@prmanhas-MSFT - Appreciate your help on this.

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