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Hello Team,
We have a scenario wherein we need to identify where all a column of a particular table is being used and which all tables would be impacted from the same.
eg: col 1 of table t1 is being dropped


  1. there is a stored procedure which populates table t2 and within that stored procedure, column c1 of table t1 is being used.

insert into t2 (c2)
c1 as 'c2'
from t1

Now, verify column dependency via SSMS would only provide me the objects names like table t1, Stored procedure or those tables having PK-FK relationships .

but it wont provide me that table t2 would also be impacted dynamically.
We have to manually go and analsye the stored procedure.

So is there any automated way or any tool via which we can get the required results

Azure SQL Database
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  1. FelixP 86 Reputation points

    Hi - if you are looking at dependencies within a single database, the system stored procedure sp_depends could be helpful.

    If you have any dynamic sql running, you should be extra cautious.

    Redgate provide a graphical dependency tracker, with a free trial. I highly rate red Gate’s products, but haven’t used this personally

    Please let me know if this helps. Dependency issues can be a pain in legacy systems, and should definitely be a consideration when designing new solutions.

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