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asked 2021-04-12T09:29:05.21+00:00
antony joseph 61 Reputation points

Dear Experts

Please help to convert the below data and time format as given below


2021-04-02 14:33:18.1166667
2021-04-05 18:47:21.9200000
2021-04-03 10:54:36.5333333
2021-04-03 21:25:21.8166667

SELECT FORMAT(TRY_CONVERT (DATETIME, DATE_COL, 103), 'yyMMdd') from shipping_tb;

I am getting null value here instead i need to get result as below


Please help

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  1. answered 2021-04-12T09:38:29.473+00:00
    EchoLiu-MSFT 14,416 Reputation points

    Hi @antony joseph ,

    Welcome to the microsoft TSQL Q&A forum!
    Please refer to:

    declare @table table(Date_col datetime2)  
    insert into @table values('2021-04-02 14:33:18.1166667'),('2021-04-05 18:47:21.9200000')  
                             ,('2021-04-03 10:54:36.5333333'),('2021-04-03 21:25:21.8166667')  
    select FORMAT(Date_col, N'yyMMdd') from @table  


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  2. answered 2021-04-12T09:38:42.797+00:00
    Viorel 82,286 Reputation points

    If Date_col is a text (e.g. varchar(max)), then try this query:

    SELECT FORMAT(TRY_CONVERT (DATETIME2, DATE_COL), 'yyMMdd') from shipping_tb
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  3. answered 2021-04-12T11:15:29.843+00:00
    Olaf Helper 25,476 Reputation points

    Two points:

    • You use format parameter 103, that's British format, but your source data has format 120 = ODBC format
    • The source data exceed the precise of data type datetime; use datetime2() or date instead => ;with test as (select '2021-04-02 14:33:18.1166667' as string union all select '2021-04-05 18:47:21.9200000' union all select '2021-04-03 10:54:36.5333333' union all select '2021-04-03 21:25:21.8166667') select *, try_convert(datetime2(7), string, 103) as fails, try_convert(datetime2(7), string, 120) as works, try_convert(date, string, 120) as worksToo from test
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