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Move emails from junk

We have had all emails from a certain sender be delivered to our corporate email account into the JUnk folder - this is some 400 people. Although we've now added the sender as a safe sender, I am looking for a powershell command to run across all users to move the specific email out of Junk into the inbox.

I've found scripts to find and delete, or move from a mailbox to a different mailbox, but not from Junk to Inbox.

Using Office365 - does anyone know of a script to achieve this?

Thanks in advance.


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Hi Jon.

I suppose that you may need a EWS script to achieve your goal.
However, currently in the Exchange forum we do not support writing scripts.

Another workaround would be setting a inbox rule via the Outlook clients.
The rule should be like "if the sender is, move the email to inbox".
You may need to select the "Junk Email" folder when creating the rule and check the "Run this rule now on messages already in 'Junk Email'" to have the rule run on existing emails.

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Thanks for this, but the rule would only work on emails as they come in or have to be setup and run manually by the end users, I was looking for a way to automate this behind the scenes.

Again, thanks anyway though.

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Yes, I suppose that you may need to use an EWS script anyway.

And since the question is related to EWS script, I have added the "office-exchange-server-dev" tag which is used for exchange development to it.
Thanks for your understanding and hope you can get an answer to the question.

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