Index is empty in a chm file compiled with Microsoft HTML Help Workshop

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I am working with Microsoft Html Help Workshop and trying to build a help project which has more than 19k help files including html, css, png etc files. I built an hhp file as new.hhp and put folllowing lines in it

  Auto Index=Yes  
  Auto TOC=9  
  Compatibility=1.1 or later  
  Compiled file=new.chm  
  Default Window=TriPane  
  Default topic=HomePage.htm  
  Display compile progress=Yes  
  Error log file=log.log  
  Full-text search=Yes  
  Index file=Index.hhk  
  Language=0x409 English (United States)  



I checked the option to create a binary index.


I checked the option for including keywords.


I compiled it as new.chm and it searches for all the required topics but index file is empty.


I also checked the index.hhk file and it is empty too..


Its not possible for me to include keywords manually for 19k files. What should I do to add keywords automatically into index file?

I am adding random tags to this question since I couldn't find the appropriate ones. Please feel free to add the right and remove unnecessary tags or put the question at right place.

Thanks for paying attention.

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    Microsoft HTML Help Workshop is currently not supported in the Q&A forums, the supported products are listed over here: (more to be added later on).

    For the related questions about Microsoft HTML Help Workshop, you might have this asked in here:

    Please Note: Since the web site is not hosted by Microsoft, the link may change without notice. Microsoft does not guarantee the accuracy of this information.

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  1. Rashmi Gupta 81 Reputation points

    As mentioned in accepted answer, I asked the question here and got the desired results using FAR HTML.