Virtual Disk Drive (VHD) must be re-attached after computer restart - Windows 10

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Nebous 1 Reputation point

I have setup with two VHD's ("D"+"E") plus external disk "F". Every time when I restart computer "E" VHD + external disk "F" are already attached. However drive "D" is missing and must be attached again via Disk Management. I want all three disks to be automatically attached when computer start.
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  1. answered 2021-04-14T06:18:38.563+00:00
    Xiaowei He 9,746 Reputation points


    I would like to check if you are using Hyper V VM, and we attach VHD or VHDX file on the VM, then we create two volumes on the VHD file inside the VM. While the volume D is missing after the VM restart? If there's any misunderstanding, please feel free to let me know.

    Would you provide the screenshot of how we attach the VHD file (F disk) on the VM, and the common status of the two volumes (D and E), and provide the abnormal status of the volumes after the restart.

    Thanks for your time!
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  2. answered 2021-04-14T17:03:45.183+00:00
    Nebous 1 Reputation point

    I don't have Virtual Machine Hyper-V installed. I'm inexperienced user and the tag "windows-10-virtualization" was not applicable. I have standard Windows 10 setup with two Virtual Disk Drives installed. Sorry for mistake. Thanks Nebous

  3. answered 2021-07-21T11:56:52.357+00:00
    Rob Gilliard 6 Reputation points

    I found this as I was researching the exact opposite issue.

    I had a vhdx image mounted with 3 partitions. The drives were still "mounted" even after I had shutdown, detached the external USB storing, and rebooted.

    I finally realized, I had mounted the vhdx using the tools menu in Easeus Todo Backup.

    The mounted vhdx did not even appear in Disk Managment.

    Perhaps installing Todo Backup or a similar 3rd party utility would accomplish the result you require?

    Just thought I would comment as this is the most current result for your issue at this time.

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