Outllok meeting reminders are always removed when rescheduling a meeting

Hill, Simon (Group) 61 Reputation points

When rescheduling a meeting (whether it has started or not) the moved meetings loses any reminder set. Surely if a meeting had a reminder enabled, the same reminder should be carried over tot eh newly scheduled instance? Why is it reset as default beahviour?

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Outlook Management
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  1. Hill, Simon (Group) 61 Reputation points

    I think you are missing my point. The current functionality assumes the user knows to check the reminder status when moving a meeting, however they actually move it (open and reschedule or click and drag). Most users will assume that the reminder they originally set would get set on the new instance OR they would get prompted to re-apply it OR they would be prompted to edit and check the whole appointment. The truth is, if you click and drag, it takes a second and the appointment just moves, with no prompts etc. It puts the onus on the scheduler to check everything about the appointment, which in this instance makes the click and drag functionality pointless; you have to open and edit the appointment anyway to reset the reminder. And believe me, I've been invited to many appointments which have been moved and this resulted in the reminder being removed without the host being aware.

    It's not intuitive and not user friendly because the app assumes that regardless of how you set up the appointment originally, the current state is exactly what you want to copy to the new time slot. People don't work/think that way.

  2. Jess N 16 Reputation points

    Agree 100%

    This Outlook behavior is incredibly frustrating. Whether I am the organizer or an attendee of a meeting that has been rescheduled - it often happens that the reminder is lost when the meeting is rescheduled.

    It is not intuitive (no matter what the conditions are) that the reminder would need to be reconfigured upon rescheduling as evidenced by this has been the behavior for as long as I can remember (more than 10 years) and I still don't remember to check it even though i know it will happen --- and i wind up late to meetings.

    Microsoft -- please change this behavior.

  3. David Lindner 16 Reputation points

    I agree 100%

    The original reminder setting should be reset to what was selected by the user before the first "snooze" for any specific meeting time, when the meeting is subsequently copied or moved at a later time.

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  4. Helio Lino De Almeida Filho (Kforce) 16 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Please, at least add a configuration option that can change this behavior, for example forcing all meetings to have an X time reminder set by default; any rescheduled meeting you create/move/change, even if it already happened, will have the reminder set with a value if the user turns on.
    This will give the user the option that best fits people's need.

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  5. Eric Burns 16 Reputation points

    This is a legitimate issue. When meetings in Outlook are rescheduled, reminders do not pop up prior to the rescheduled meeting. Please address - it is unacceptable and surprising that it remains unresolved.

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