Time zone ID in international water

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Using the Azure Map service and more specifically the GetTimezoneByCoordinates
Using that API with coordinate points in North Sea for example { Latitude : 59.58907, Longitude : 1.057123} would result in a summarized response indicating timezoneId to be Etc/UTC { "id": "Etc/UTC", "standardOffset": "00:00:00" }

First question : Does the Azure Map service determine the timezoneId using the UN (United Nation) convention of 14 miles after which the time zone revert back to the natural time zone ?

If yes, is there a way to customized that rule so that the distance before reverting can be modified to a different value ? (in my present case the expected result would be timezoneId = "Europe/London" so that Day Light Saving can be taken into account)


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  1. answered 2021-04-19T16:29:55.617+00:00
    rbrundritt 6,921 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Looking into this;

    1. I don't believe the service uses the convention you mentioned.
    2. There is no option to customize the rules of how the service works.

  2. answered 2021-05-11T22:53:51.21+00:00
    ErikLindeman 91 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    There is no specific convention used by the Time Zone API. The ID’s are based on IANA ID’s. This is also the source of most of the Time Zone API data. The land boundaries are based on Microsoft determined geopolitical boundaries. International waters have their own time zone standard different from land time zones and these maritime standards are not covered by IANA. For areas outside of the land boundaries (i.e.: international waters), the Azure Maps Time Zone API is just using standard time zones of the world.

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