Azure AD B2C keep me signed in (SSO)

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our customer wants to have a SingleSignOn and the feature "keep me signed in" (in short KMSI).

Currently I'm working through the process of creating custom policies. That's really complicated.
We already have set up user flows with many custom user claims.
It now looks like I'll have to manually create a brand new base policy file from scratch.
This seems to be very difficult to get my current settings (with all those custom user claims) as base policy to be able to upload these files along with the necessary changes for KMSI.

So my questions are:

  • Is there any simple way of just checking a checkbox in Azure Portal for KMSI? If not, then please add this functionality. It's a very common scenario.
  • Is it possible to get the current working base policy as xml file? It's really a pain to get all those settings in xml representation from scratch. It's even not possible to derive my own custom policy from the default base-v1 policy.

Edit: I assume there should be a way to extract/export the base-v1 policy to be able to customize the user journey without the need to start from scratch.

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