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Hi Experts

i have few servers which dont have reverse dns records.
for example. server1 and server2 have forward lookup records. i.e server1@Company portal .com pointing to, server2@Company portal .com pointing to
but these servers dont have reverse dns records.

  1. How do i create reverse DNS records for these servers using powershell.
  2. i have servers list in the below format, how do i import the csv file and create reverse dns records


Windows DHCP
Windows DHCP
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    Andreas Baumgarten 66,011 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    Hi @ RisingFlight-7863 ,

    you can give this a try (not tested by myself). Use the script on your own risk.

    $file = "server.csv"
    Import-Csv -Path $file | foreach {
        $name = (($_.IPAddress).Split("."))[3]
        # Modify the -ZoneName to your needs (name of the reverse lookup zone in DNS)
        # Modify the PtrDomainName domain part to your needs (
        Add-DnsServerResourceRecordPtr -Name "$name" -ZoneName "" -AllowUpdateAny -TimeToLive 01:00:00 -AgeRecord -PtrDomainName "$"

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    Andreas Baumgarten

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  1. answered 2021-05-10T21:45:13.767+00:00
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    will the below script work for me


    $ServerName = "MyDomainController"   
    $domain = ""   
    Import-Csv C:\temp\Records.csv | ForEach-Object {   
    #Def variable   
    $Computer = "$($_.HostName).$domain"   
    $addr = $_.IP -split "\."   
    $rzone = "$($addr[1]).$($addr[0])"   
    #write-host $rzone  
    #Create Dns entries   
    dnscmd $Servername /recordadd $domain "$($_.HostName)" A "$($_.IPAddress)"   
    #Create New Reverse Zone if zone already exist, system return a normal error   
    #dnscmd $Servername /zoneadd $rzone /primary   
    #Create reverse DNS   
    dnscmd $Servername /recordadd $rzone "$($addr[3]).$($addr[2])" PTR $HostName