how to define a version to a spezialised Image?

Manfred Winter 1 Reputation point

Hello everybody,

I'm new to Azure. Last week we had a digital training to our customers with VMs in our Azure Lab. A great event. After this event I want to export my template from this lab into the Shared Image Gallery to create new labs.

So I clicked the button "export to shared Image Gallery"
Than I found an imagedefinition in the gallery. I want to use it but it doesn't work. After some research I found the reason, I need to define an imageversion and this will be used to create new labs.
Next I want to define an imageversion. But this doesn't work too. I click "create Imageversion" and in the details I need to definie the source of this new version. I can choose "disk oder snapshot" (but there is none), "imageversion" (there is none too) but not the third option "managed image" because the exported imagedefinition from my lab ist spezialised - what I want.

So the problem is, I can't give my spezialised imagedefinition a version and so I can't choose it to start a new lab (it is not shown on the start page of my image gallery).
What should I do now?

Greetings from Germany, thank you very much.

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  1. kobulloc-MSFT 13,026 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hello @Manfred Winter , and welcome to Azure!

    I created a lab and updated my template like in your example. From the Lab Services website I:

    1) Clicked on Export to Shared Image Gallery
    2) Created a name and clicked on Export


    After waiting up to an hour, I went back to the portal. At this point, I am able to create a new lab using my Shared Image Gallery image but I can confirm that my image was exported successfully:

    3) Navigated to my Lab Services resource
    4) Went to Policies > Shared Image Gallery
    5) Clicked on my Shared Image Gallery


    From there, I could see that my image was successfully created. If I click on the image, I can see that it is given a default version of 1.0.0



    Now when I go back to the Lab Services website, if I create a new lab I'm given the option to use the image I created for my Shared Image Gallery:


    It sounds like you are running into problems after exporting your image. What happens when you look for your exported image in your Shared Image Gallery?

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  2. Manfred Winter 1 Reputation point

    Hello @kobulloc-MSFT and thank you very much for help.
    When I go into my Lab Services I see this, no Images found:

    But my Image gallery is filled with two Images:

    The first image looks like this:

    And my Lab Service like this (language hasn't change, not sure why, but you see, there is no suitable image)

    I work with Linux-Images. Maybe it's this problem? Normally it should work...

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  3. kobulloc-MSFT 13,026 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    No worries! Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this.

    Linux images are supported so that shouldn't be an issue (Linux images are available in Marketplace images and if you look closely you can see an Ubuntu image in the lab creation dropdown in my last screenshot).

    When you go to the Lab Services website and navigate to Template, do you see a message saying that the image was exported?


    Also, did you happen to make the image in a region outside of Germany?

    The underlined blue text in your last screenshot when making a new lab roughly translates to, "Why are some regions not available?" Germany is unique from a cloud perspective in that data privacy regulations resulted in Germany being a physically isolated instance of Microsoft Azure:

    Azure Germany is a physically isolated instance of Microsoft Azure. It uses world-class security and compliance services that are critical to German data privacy regulations for all systems and applications built on its architecture.

    If you created the image outside of Germany, it may not be available.

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  4. Manfred Winter 1 Reputation point

    thank you so much for your help.

    yes, the image is successfully exported.
    It says: Image has been changed since last publishing. (shouldn't be a problem for creating a new lab on the existing "old" image)
    And the gray line: image exported: 1 day ago

    Yes you are right, Linux SHOULD work, but in our installation of our LinuxVM we find some things in original windows instructions for LinuxVMs that just don't work.

    The image was created, used and exported in Germany. So this should not be a problem, I hope. The underlined blue text in my last Screenshot just says "activate more imagedefinitions" --> if I click it I get to the marketplace where I can activate more imagedefinitions.

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  5. Manfred Winter 1 Reputation point

    If you want to, we can arrange a MS Teams Meeting between us for tomorrow (April, the 23rd) and than we are able to check whats wrong in my azure account when I share my screen in our meeting. This way would be faster than our posts here and I hope much easier for you. I propose following dates (not sure where you are sitting that's why I give the UTC time + Washington and San Francisco as an overview; "Jena" in Germany is my hometown)


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