Testing DataSet and/or DataTable is null

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Can anyone please tell me how I can test a DataSet contains at least a .Tables[0] or a DataTable is not null?

For in the mocked up example, where 1=2 is always going to return null and therefore both the commands fail.

In production I would be returning null 99% of the time so I need to test for it and move on when null.


$DS = (Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance "server" -Username "user" -Password "password" -Database "database" -Query "select 1,2,3 where 1=2" -As DataSet)

$DT = (Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance "server" -Username "user" -Password "password" -Database "database" -Query "select 1,2,3 where 1=2" -As DataSet).Tables[0]

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    The obvious answer is below :-)

    if ($DS -ne $null)

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