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In our company we have fleksible working time so people can come at work from 7-10 am.

I have some activity to sheduled at morning 6.30 when computer start up and it is ready for user to use it at 7 am.

Now I want monitor Off when computer start up and it will turn on when user move mouse or press a key.

It is no use for monitor On for 20 min if user start to use computer at 8 or 10am.

I know I can setup that in power management to turn monitor off sooner but I want to leave that setting because it is what I want during working time. I also found out I can change power management settings with powershell, but that is also not good because PC must be restarted 2 times per day.

I tried with powershell to turn off monitor and also with "nircmd monitor off" but all of it works only when user is already logged in and that is not good.
I need to turn monitor off imediatelly after pc show login screen.

Any idea how to do that?

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  1. Michael Taylor 37,946 Reputation points

    The state of the monitor isn't relevant unless an interactive user does something on the physical machine. If there is no active user on the physical machine then the monitor status is irrelevant. For example if a user remotes into the machine then the local monitor won't kick on.

    You didn't specify how you schedule this morning work but I assume you'd use Task Scheduler. Therefore TS wouldn't trigger any monitor either as there is no physical user logging in. Of course booting up the computer would be a physical action and would trigger the monitor but I'd have to ask why you are rebooting the machine at all. Just let it run all the time and schedule the work using TS.

    The only way I could possibly see this working is if you set up a scheduled task that ran every time windows starts that turns off the monitor. But I don't agree with that solution as it would mean a user who walks up to the machine and turns it on will see the login screen and then at some point thereafter it would shut down, potentially while they are using it. They would then need to turn it back on.

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  2. Dennism 1 Reputation point

    Thank you for your answer.
    Yes I want to run this by task scheduler or GPO startup script.
    Nothing works I tried powershell script and not working. I also tried some software for turn off monitor it doesn't work. It works ONLY when I login, but that is wrong. I need to work when computer startup and windows login page shows up, than monitor should turn of immediately.
    So whoever I asked this question have no solution for this like it is impossible and this is like major security issue for MS, monitor turning on and off.... so they put all of their effort to make it impossible.