Initial Data Sync Incomplete from Hub to Member DBs

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Trying out Azure SQL Server hub and member DB sync w/ SQL Server 2019 Express. Hub is Azure SQL Server database. Setup 2 member DB on-prem with 2-way sync. Both member DB were created as 'blank' DBs so sync auto provisioned them. Most of my tables have limited data. My Sales table has the most rows but by no means a substantial amount of data. In both member DBs, then initial sync worked but the Sales data did not sync any rows after 1/31/2021 (even though the hub table has data thru 4/19/2021). What would cause the sync to the local DB to be incomplete?

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  1. Alberto Morillo 24,721 Reputation points Microsoft MVP

    Usually the sync process stops on specific dates when one of the following occurs:

    • Schema/datatype incompatibility.
    • Inserting null in non-nullable columns.
    • Violating foreign key constraints.

    Please examine in detail the rows related to that day 1/31/2021 and make sure one of the above 3 scenarios is not taking place.

    Hope this helps.

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