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What should be the regular expression for
<something>_<something else>.xml

I am trying below but It doesn't return any matched for valid pattern.

Regex.Matches(file.Name, @"^.[a-z0-9][_][a-z0-9].[Xx][Mm][Ll]$")

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  1. Timon Yang-MSFT 9,501 Reputation points

    This way should work too:

    Regex.Matches(file.Name, "[a-z0-9]+_([a-z0-9]+[_-])*[a-z0-9]+[.]xml$", RegexOptions.IgnoreCase);  

    Since the suffix may be uppercase or lowercase, you need to use the Regex.Matches overload with RegexOptions as a parameter.

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  1. Viorel 83,016 Reputation points

    Theoretically, “something” can be expressed with “.+”, but it seems that you only accept letters and digits, therefore try this expression:


    If you need something special, then explain the rules and show examples.

    (To insert the code try using the "101" button, because your expression is probably distorted).

  2. Viorel 83,016 Reputation points

    For your new details, try this expression:

    Regex.Matches(file.Name, @"(?i)^(?! )[^\x00-\x1F\\/.*?:<>""|]+_[a-z0-9-]+[.]xml$")

    You can adjust it to allow the valid '.' inside the names.

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