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Hello, What do i need to install on the newest ProcessExplorer ,latest windows in order to see process behind the system (smallest download possible if needed) .

Advanced system utilities to manage, troubleshoot, and diagnose Windows and Linux systems and applications.
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  1. Hrxn 16 Reputation points

    Small addendum:

    Apparently, the release zip files of Process Explorer (and other Sysinternals tools) now contain three binaries each.

    Considering Process Explorer as the example:


    Where procexp.exe is the 32-bit binary, which also works on current 64-bit versions of Windows as well
    And procexp64.exe is obviously the 64-bit binary, which you should be using on any somewhat modern Windows system. And finally, procexp64a.exe, which is - I assume - the binary for Windows systems running on ARM-based hardware. So this wouldn't even work on a "normal" Windows PC.

    Interestingly, procexp64.exe is actually smaller than procexp.exe, which I think is a bundled executable containing both 32-bit and 64-bit variants.

    So, I guess in your case, procexp64.exe is the one you would want to use..

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  2. steviefaux 181 Reputation points

    You also need to run it as admin to be able to see some processes, otherwise you might see Access Denied.

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  3. david16s 5 Reputation points

    this answer can helpful?

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  4. Michael Taylor 49,166 Reputation points

    The current version is here. It is a zip file with the 2 binaries you need. That is the smallest download available. Of course you can copy the 2 binaries to any other machine to actually run it.

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  5. david16s 5 Reputation points

    Process Explorer is a comprehensive system monitoring tool developed by Microsoft. It offers detailed information about running processes, including resource usage and troubleshooting capabilities

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